make my wish come true baby all i want for christmas is for one direction to sTOP

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Zayn’s page in the Take Me Home Yearbook Edition!

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i’m upset bc in interviews all the boys look towards louis as they’re speaking like they’re looking for approval from their big brother don’t even look at me 

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i’m never going to forgive one direction for all they’ve caused me nope they’re on my shit list 4 lyfe

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can we stop using the word ‘fetus’ while describing young one direction bc whenever people say it i think of unborn babies with undeveloped fingers and toes and eyes and it just freaks me out????

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whenever any member of one direction tweets anything, my first instinct is to mutter “shut up” under my breath

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so should we start referring to the boys of one direction as “the men of one direction” because that’s what they’re sure as hell looking like lately?????

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"when you’re winning awards" haha justin why don’t you ask one direction about that feeling?

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i had a dream last night that i went to nando’s (no carrot jokes plz idk why i was there) and i asked for boneless wings and fries and they said “do you know what restaurant this is we don’t serve boneless wings only the best people get to eat here” and at the next table over was miranda cosgrove and perry the platypus and a hobo and i was like ok whatever and just ate what they served me and then i went to the beach and louis was there in a flannel shirt and sunglasses and someone pushed me and his lips caught my lips (aka we kissed) but the kiss was all sandy i wasnt feelin it and then somehow we were in this room with a bunch of people and all of the sudden my sister appeared (i dont have a sister) and we hugged and listened to a milkshake-shaped tape recorder but then my sister turned into louis and then i just kissed him again idk wtf

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it still hasn’t hit me that the song is out like is this the real life is this just fantasy???

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and to think i couldn’t be any more done with one direction

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there’s like, a whole world outside of one direction

a whole new world

it’s a shame i’ll never see it

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im majoring in louis tomlinson with a minor in possibly never having a life again

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a cockroach flew out of a hole in my dorm wall and landed on my poster of harry styles and then fell to the ground and stopped moving

i think he’s dead

same, cockroach, same

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